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    Frida Kahlo the Mexican artist lived most of her life in the Casa Azul or Blue House. It is the place where she died as well. The amazing art work pieces, sketches, and paintings are on display here. All unique and antique items including furniture represent the life and culture of Frida Kahlo the famous artist. A visit to Mexico with the correct visa is very important. Visitors will either need the ETA, Tourist Card, or a Regular Mexico visa for their visit.

    If you are interested in exploring amazing art work then you should definitely pay a visit to Frida Kahlo Museum to know all about her masterpieces. The museum was established 4 years after the painter died. It is located in Mexico City at Londres 247 Del Carmen, Coyoacán. People who are visiting the city rarely miss the opportunity of seeing the museum and the beautiful neighborhood that surrounds it. The museum is closed on Mondays and the timings for Tuesday to Sunday are from 10:00 am to 5:45 pm. Although, Wednesday timings are slightly different as the place opens at 11:00 am. Many artists and admirers love to visit this museum to see where the artist lived and spent most of her time. It helps them imagine the artist painting in the Blue House. The museum also represents her personality and struggle.

    Best Time To Visit Blue House

    The best time to visit Blue House is during the dry season which is in the months of December till April. During these months, there is no rainfall in Mexico and you can enjoy your trip. You can visit the museum and other places without the worry of rain and getting sick in the rainy seasons. Many people usually visit the museum during this time of the year. Despite that, there are visitors throughout the year. You should check the weather forecast before planning your trip.

    Tips For The Visit To Blue House

    If you love art work and are visiting Mexico then you are not going to miss the Blue House. Following are some of the tips for the art lovers paying a visit to the Blue House.

    • You can take the metro line from Coyocan station to visit the museum easily and conveniently.
    • If you don’t want to waste your time in long queues for purchasing tickets then you should also go for the online purchase of tickets. 
    • If you get the online tickets, ask for the online ticket queue or counter once you get there. Don’t waste your time standing in the wrong queue that is longer.
    • Do not forget to pay an extra fee if you want to take pictures and videos inside the Museum.
    • Stay a little longer in every part of the museum as it is a kind of house and you can’t go back to the places again.
    • You can also spend some time in the garden with a cup of coffee.

    What To Do After Leaving The Place

    After leaving the museum you can spend the rest of the day enjoying the neighborhood and nearby areas. There are plenty of places for buying street foods, handicraft materials from the market. While you're there, remember to pay a visit to the beautiful church and the square fountain in front. 

    If you are visiting Mexico then Frida Kahlo museum is an amazing place to go and visit to make amazing memories.



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