Cancun Underwater Museum | The Ultimate Guide

    Are you a water enthusiast? Then the Cancun Underwater Museum is the perfect vacation spot for you. The idea of a museum submerged in the water is quite appealing itself. The project started in 2009 and was open to the general public in November 2010. With more than 500 life-sized sculptures present, this museum is one of the largest underwater museums in the world. Each sculpture reflects a unique meaning and also explains how men are harming our ecosystem. This is why the place is visited by more than thousands of people each year.

    Are you also interested in visiting the famous underwater museum? Continue reading to find out some details about the place.

    Where Is The Museum Located?

    First off, make sure to have the correct visa as this will save you much hassle when you arrive in Mexico. Cancun is one of the most famous vacation spots that is found in Mexico. It is located on Yucatan Peninsula on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. The person behind this unique idea surely deserves some credit and recognition. This amazing work was the idea of Jason de Caires who accomplished the whole project in a short span of eighteenth months. The whole team worked for 120 hours beneath the sea to turn this dream project into a reality.

    How Many Sculptures Are Present In The Museum?

    The place has two underwater museums developed up till now with a total of more than five hundred statues present in each of them. Each of the statues is constructed with marine clay that promotes the growth of fungal and algae. This in turn helps in the breeding of fish and other sea creatures. The first area known as Manchones has a total of 480 statues. The other area is known Punta Nizuc that has 30 statues approximately. But, the museum is expanding its area as they have the permission to create ten such areas more.

    How Can The Visitors See The Museum?

    An underwater museum is a concept not heard of before. This unique museum is submerged deep in water. So, how can the visitors actually see the different areas of the museum? The visitors have the option to visit the museum through snorkeling and diving. For those who are scared of snorkeling and diving, they can even take a ride in a glass-bottom boat.

    What Are The Timings To Visit The Museum?

    The museum is available for a visit on every alternate day on weekdays. The days that are available to visit are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can visit the museum on these days from 11 am onwards. But, you cannot visit it on weekends as it remains closed on weekends.

    What Is The Ticket Price?

    Want to know the ticket price of this unique underwater museum? The ticket price for adults costs $58 and for children, it costs $29.

    Some Other Things To Consider

    A tour of the museum takes 3 hours approximately. If you are pregnant, someone with respiratory or heart problems, or suffer from motion sickness, it is recommended that you do not visit this one-of-a-kind underwater museum.

    The Cancun Underwater Museum is a museum like none other. So, if you are a water enthusiast with an interest in history, you should definitely list it as your next vacation spot.


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