Conference Visa

    Imagine visiting a foreign country for a conference without having a conference visa. Is it legally possible? If one is planning to get a conference visa, they are required to go through the sequence of procedures as well as there is a list of documents that an individual should be having. One should have enough knowledge about the Conference Visa if they are planning to go abroad for conferences or workshops.

    What can one do with A conference visa?

    A Conference Visa allows an individual to visit a foreign country and stay there for a shorter time duration to attend conferences and seminars. Even workshops and events too which are organized by the organizations can be attended using a conference visa.

    Who may apply for the visa?

    A conference visa is not that difficult to apply for if you are having the required documents and are aware of the entire process. Those who are having a passport, which has not yet been expired, and are invited to attend a seminar in a foreign country, can easily have access to a conference visa. Those who are appointed at the reputable designation of the companies, or the ones who are related to an educational field, such as scholars and lecturers, have the eligibility to apply for the conference visa. At times, business executives ought to travel around the globe for attending seminars and workshops. For this reason, they often get the multi countries conference visa by fulfilling the eligibility criteria for them.

    The application process to apply For the visa

    Applying for the conference visa on your own requires a sequence of steps to be followed. Firstly, the individual who wishes to apply for the visa must be specific about the conference he would like to apply for, which requires a bit of research work and knowledge about the conferences held around the globe. Next, you are required to fulfill all the requirements following the registration of the organization. You are then required to make a plea to the ones organizing the conference so that they can grant you a letter regarding a visa invitation. Now, there is an opportunity for individuals to apply both ways. They can either go and visit the office of the embassy or apply electronically, i.e., through online platforms. After that, the individual is supposed to submit the fee to resume the further process. Once the entire process is completed, you will receive a letter that ensures the confirmation of your conference visa. After this, you are supposed to get the approval letter printed and take it along with you while traveling to the other country, just to avoid any hassle.


    The required documentation


    One needs to carry the following documents along with you if you wish to apply for the conference visa. The one which tops the list is the authentic passport of the individual, which should not expire for a minimum of six months. Other than this, there must be colored photographs of the individual which they need to take along with them. Passport size is the most recommended size of the photographs. Also, one should bring a replica or an additional copy of the passport with them. The individuals should also bring a hard copy of the application form which they have filled online. Moreover, carrying the letter which reflects upon the applicant being invited by the organization for the conference is also mandatory. Other than this, there must be a document that has the evidence of where the applicant resides, i.e., your home address. Furthermore, one is also supposed to have proof of details related to accommodation, such as the booking of a hotel and their flight tickets.


    The validity of the visa


    Although most of the procedures and documents required to get the conference visa remain the same for all countries, the validity of the visa might differ from country to country. Generally, most of the countries of the world allow individuals to stay up to three months only, which is ninety days. The conference visa stays valid until this time duration. But it can vary, depending on the allowance of the country where the conference is held. The validity of the conference visa could be as less as the duration of a month only, however, some countries may allow the attendees of the conference to stay for a period of even six months. The UK and the US both allow individuals to reside in their country for six months if they are carrying a conference visa along with them.


    The ones who are planning to go abroad to attend conferences must have all the prior knowledge of the conference visa already to avoid any issues which might appear later. Also, the documents which you carry along with you must be verified and original. Any information provided which is not genuine may cause rejection and get banned from that particular country.



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