Business Visa Explained

    Travelling for business to a foreign country can be overwhelming if you are a first time visitor. Many applications are needed to be filled online or on paper. A Visa is a contingent authorization given to a traveller by a jurisdiction, which allows them to access, stay, or leave the territory. It is important to be aware of all the business visa requirements before stepping out. Although different countries may have different paperwork procedure required for a business visa, certain paperwork is the same in many countries you are visiting. Visa eligibility depends on which nation is being visited. Each country has different Visas policies, which need to be permitted on your passport before you are allowed to enter a country.

    What can you do with a business visa?

    Every country has its own rules for visa eligibility. Whichever country you decide to visit, you cannot conduct business there. Instead, a business visa works for attending activities related to business, such as meetings, conferences, projects, etc. If you are travelling to the United States for business purposes, then you require a B1 Visa. It allows visitors access to the country on a short stay for business related activities, but not to conduct business. It is probable to apply for a visa 8 weeks before you are meant to travel. The time allotted for your stay is then stamped on the passport, which grants businessmen permission to enter the country during that period. A visa allows you non-citizen access to a country, which includes permission to stay in that country with conditions applied, and entering that country.


    With a Business Visa, you can consult with your business partners. For instance, if you are working for an international company, it will provide you with consulting services. You can finalize contracts, settle a property, purchase materials, discuss finalized investments, attending meetings, being the speaker in a conference meeting, and place orders for business purpose. You can also obtain a business visa to survey prospective business site or to purchase a company permit. Travelling on a business visa can turn out to be expensive, if you have to make plenty rounds. So, it is important to know your order of business before travelling.

    What is the application process for a business visa?

    In different countries, the application procedure behind applying for a visa is different; some may be completed online, and others require individuals to visit the embassy. While, other countries grant you visa upon arrival. There are two types of entry visas: single and multiple. The first step is to gather all the information about the terms and conditions about the country you will be travelling to. If you are applying for visa, then continue with the procedure by filling the application form, including the specifics of the applications for visa. There are several countries that would require a Letter of Invitation from the individual or organization with which you are affiliated. To complete this step, you will require your employer’s permit that enables travel for business, bank statements of your business of the past 6 months, and other relevant documentation, along with submitting passport size photographs.

    Since, specific countries have different requirement for business visa, such as countries like Brazil, China, Russia, India, which require a permit from your agency or employer to grant business travel along with other things. It should detail your purpose of visiting the country, what you plan to do there, a summary of the recent trips you have made, etc. Every country has a different visa fee, which you need to check in before making your business trip. Applying for a Visa online is quicker, as it saves up your visit to the embassy, and waiting in lines for your passport. Your agency can also handle your visa application process if you don’t feel like you have gathered enough information. It is pertinent to note that certain visas are eligible in the country you are heading to from the day it is issued, not when you arrive in that country. Even during the interview for the Visa process, always try to be informed about each thing, as it will not only leave an impression, but the officials will know your purpose for visiting the country.


    These are some of the pertinent things you should remember before applying for a business visa, so you should always gather plentiful information about the country’s rules and conditions to conduct business. Many visa applications can incur a fee, which differs depending on the country you are going to travel for business purposes. The procedure doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you have gathered all the information beforehand. Also, you should always apply for your visa 90 days before you are meant to travel, so you can utilize your time more.



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